Find out if the audit is for you:

  • Would you like to get a clear and comprehensive report on every website?
  • Would you like to check what needs improving on your website?
  • Would you like to improve the visibility of your website in search engines?
  • Do you believe - just like we do - that it is simply better to know than not to know?
  • Would you like to compare your website with your competition?
  • You just want to show off your result?

Our audit is safe

All our auditor needs is the address of the website you want to check. No sensitive data is collected. We do not require any form of administrational access to the pages. In other words - no strings attached.

and completely free

Verseo’s Automated website SEO auditor will scan your website for strengths and weaknesses relevant to optimization and search engine positioning. The service is entirely free of charge.

A couple of great thingsabout our audit

In addition to the overall rating, we evaluate a number of important parameters - each presented separately and with a short description. Page loading speed, evaluation of the website resources optimization, content analysis, availability for bots, visibility compared to your business rivals and a number of other factors affecting the position of the site in the search engine.

There is quite a lot!

  • Content, headings and linking analysis
  • Mobile performance analysis
  • Analysis of the appearance of the page while loading
  • Images evaluation
  • Cache evaluation
  • Availability for web crawlers analysis
  • 404 tests
  • Comparison with competitors’ websites
  • Description components analysis
  • Contrast and order analysis
  • Meta tags analysis
  • SEO best practices analysis

Check your website with the Verseo’s SEO Auditor!

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SEO website audit- why is it so important?

Optimization is a process of modifying a website to make it more attractive for both users and search engine indexing bots. If your website is to be well-positioned in a search engine and generate valuable traffic, you must take many aspects into consideration. In terms of ‘human’ users, a lot depends on such basic issues as page layout, engaging and unique content or loading speed. When it comes to search engines, optimization is a job for an experienced specialist. The vast majority of it covers complex technical issues that are so broad that they require specialization and experience to be undertaken correctly.

What makes SEO complicated is the fact that Google does not disclose ranking factors to the public, so all market knowledge about how to position results from experimenting, observations and sharing knowledge.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of website positioning activities, it's definitely good to know where you are. And this is what SEO audits are designed for. You have basically 2 types of audits to choose from.

Automatic SEO audit or manual one?

It’s better to know than not to know. The question is how and with whom should you start the adventure with positioning and who should conduct the SEO audit?

Automatic SEO audit is usually a free tool, which - like every machine - has its limitations and treats many aspects too vaguely for a specialized environment such as a search engine. In fact, automatic audit will give you a general picture of what your website looks like and what to focus on in the first place - whether it’s optimization, content or something else.

Our auditor tests a lot of relevant factors, but it is worth remembering that this is still not much compared to an extensive manual audit, which usually costs at least 500$. Such reports are especially recommended if you really want to properly take up positioning of the website. Remember - positioning is a long-term process and it needs a solid foundation in order to be effective. You can read more about this type of SEO audit on our website.

Website positioning- is it worth it?

As marketing constantly becomes more and more digital, positioning is one of the best advertising methods for most types of business. It is not only effective, but also - in the long term - may be the cheapest way to promote your products or services. According to data, in most cases, it is definitely worth it.

For example, positioning works extremely well in the case of online stores with a lot of tabs, unique content and graphics. All this can be naturally used for search engine positioning.

A well-positioned website contributes to a strong reputation of a given business or brand. This is how high organic results are perceived by search engine users. Besides, being in the top10, and especially top3 in searching for popular phrases, should constantly generate traffic and orders for products or services. Many users still skip Google Ads sponsored links and are loyal to ‘natural’ search engine results.


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